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Sitting up, escort Heidi leaned back sticking her breasts out trying to recreate the scene. With one last dirty smile, she dripped the rum from her mouth down to her mound conservatively. Without hesitation, Evan dropped down to suck on her clit, causing a high pitched squeal from her. After the quick tease, he licked and sucked the rum off her belly, taking his time on the way up.
When he arrived at her tits, she splashed some more on her chest like bait. He took it, lunging up to lick all around her supple mounds, more interested in them than the alcohol. Both loving that scene in the movie, they had subconsciously wanted to try that someday for kicks. It turned out to be much more erotic than either suspected. To Jane’s delight, Evan lost it, sucking and biting on her nipples as if they were the source of rum.